Who We Are? Renewablefuture. energy

Our Mission

We have started this journey with big aims and goals to revolutionize the sustainable product market.
Reduce Land Fill Waste
Our first goal is to reduce landfill waste by using the carbon of single-use products that would have otherwise decomposed and emitted methane. The main target items being made of particle board, MDF (medium density fiberboard), cardboard, paper and hopefully plastic.
People often buy a single-use product and then dump it after use, increasing landfill waste. Also, waste looks unpleasant and creates a nauseous smell around. It takes forever to break down, generates landfill gas, and emits methane with severe bad effects.
At Renewable Future Energy, we not only take care of such single items but use them for the generation of carbon.
Capuuring Carbon from Biosources
Our second goal was to recycle and capture carbon from biosources  e.g treeleaves,grass clippings and on a bigger scale wheat and grain chaff. 

           This will be the base of our metallised cabon battery components. We also identify and utilize mineral deposits as a source of metals and Rare Earth Elements.

We will be adding to our materials porfolio So follow us if you would like to see the latest solutions . Any questions can be emailed to renewablemetcarbon@gmail.com

Example of metallised carbon from waste cardboard

Extraordinary Experiences

Realising that a lot of our energy materials can be made with plants

leaves as biosourced carbon storage Leaves become carbon metal

Our Core Values

Being on course to act on concepts