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Mineral & Carbon Storage Solutions

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Biosourced battery materials
At this point we want all your attention as we will share some single-use items and biosource items that we used to create all those solutions, and it's going to be exciting and shocking.

sustainablity in making battery materials -

Items that we use to create Renewable
energy solutions

Source 1: Paper

Example of waste paper for energy storage solutions

On the left side of the picture, we have a piece of paper before carbon metallization, and on the right side, we have it after nickel-copper-infused metallization. Not only do these two sides look drastically different, but we have also increased the functionality of paper 10 times by metalizing it with copper and nickels, and now we can use it for many purposes other than writing.
We can use it for the following:
• Thin lamination of different metals
•  compress it to form Rods or billets of carbon metal.
•  form battery anodes and cathodes
•  uses as an interface material in solid-state battery components

Source 2: Tree leaves

leaves as biosourced carbon storage

Tree leaves are also a major important source of ours for generating renewable energy solutions. Anywhere there are trees there is a source of leaves for carbon metal production.

Source 3: Bamboo carbon

farmed cops can be carbon captured

Bamboo is fast-growing and yields building and construction materials . Charcoal made of bamboo is 100% electrically conductive.
As a component of batteries, bamboo charcoal is already in demand, which will increase in the future. To create a sustainable metal extraction and land rehabilitation in short time frames, yielding material for many useful products.
It can be metalized, as shown in the photo below.

example of biosourced metallised carbon

Source 4: Ice cream Sticks

This one must have caught you by surprise, but ice cream sticks can be one of our sources of bio material. They are one of the dumped single-use items, and people never felt regret after dumping them as they all thought that a single ice cream stick couldn’t do anything to the environment. Well, knock knock, we can use a bunch of them for generating sustainable solutions.

Renewable Future Energy - Solution

Why are we in desperate need of Renewable Energy Solutions?

Over the years, we have made Mother Nature furious by burning all those fossil fuels, polluting the water with plastic and chemicals and cutting down the forests. Mother Nature is showing her anger now in the form of Acid Rain, climate change, global warming, severe storms, increased storms and many other ways. According to a report from World Health Organization(WHO), Between the years 2030 and 2050, 250 000 additional deaths will happen yearly due to problems arising from climate change.
We at renewablefuture.energy have worked tirelessly for more than 10 years to bring the most innovative solutions for sustainable materials. We know that we have to take measures today to calm down Mother Nature. Otherwise, very soon, our planet earth will become a horrible place with all those glaciers melting, wildlife dying, and sea levels rising.

Renewable Future Energy aims to make planet earth a better place for everyone.

Initially, Renewable Energy Solutions and Sustainable Products were labeled fancy and over the top by the masses. But these recent natural disasters were an eye-opener to the general public that it’s high time to use Renewable Energy Solutions as a lifestyle.
At Renewable Future Energy, we find easy solutions to complex problems. Everyone raves about going for a sustainable living, but they keep their product prices so high that it discourages people from going for that lifestyle, and they think it’s best to stick to their previous one.
We have dedicated a big chunk of our research to bringing the most cost-saving solutions so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of Renewable Energy. Our solutions are better and way more cost-saving than normal solutions.
Renewable Future Energy is starting its journey from Australia and Indonesia. Still, we want to reach all developing nations and help them sustainably produce materials for use in modern technology.


We have started this journey with big aims and goals in the sustainable materials and recycling market.

Develop products for real life applications.

Reduce Land Fill Waste

Our first goal is to reduce landfill waste by using the carbon of single-use products made of particle board,medium density fiberboard,paper and cardboard. Also the use of green waste such as tree prunings and lawn cuttings that otherwise would have decomposed and emitted methane.
People often buy a single-use product and then dump it after use, increasing landfill waste. Also, waste looks unpleasant and creates a nauseous smell around.                   It takes forever to break down, generates landfill gas, and emits methane with severe bad effects.

At Renewable Future Energy, we not only take care of such single use items but use them for the generation of carbon

Metal Production and Carbon Capture from Biosources

Our second goal was to recycle and capture carbon from biosources to reduce the use of virgin metals. We also identify and utilize mineral deposits as a source of metals and Rare Earth Elements.

What we do at Renewable Future.Energy

We create metalized carbon from plant-based waste such as paper, cardboard, green waste, particleboard and MDF to make battery materials. The process can partially or fully refine metals from an ore and greatly reduce shipping weight and volume.
Batteries and supercapacitors will be the future of renewable energy and sustainable living, and we make it possible by creating metalized carbon from bio sources and single-use items.
We produce battery metals, rare earth and other metallic carbons.
The metals are obtained either from mineral extraction or by recycling scrap metal. Our system allows controlled mixing of metal alloy composition before reduction.

now.... is the start of replacing fossil fuels

Our Innovative Ideas Provide Material Solutions and Upcycling Waste in a Single Step

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Coffee grounds made into battery metals seemed to me to be an “in plain sight ” problem.
I have read coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world !
It is basically a single use product then thrown into landfill.
A prime canditate for a long term circular solutionto our energy storage needs.

The used coffee grounds are dried and infused with metal solution (made from recycled battery nickel) and Calcium carbonate (made of empty mussel shells).
The coffee grounds produce metallised carbon.

This successful first step is proof of concept and will be the basis of battery metal production and carbon storage.
Next will be some prototype batteries

Upcoming Material updates

We are constantly working on making new Carbon Metal applications . Our next posts will contain more about what we are acheiving.

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Biosourced battery materials
Example of metallised carbon from waste cardboard
Bio sourced carbon capture from common waste
Upcycled Grass Clippings